Benefits of Our Classes


Classical Ballet

As the Child Development Institute states, some of the benefits that your child receives from learning classical ballet are:

  • They learn to follow instructions

  • They become comfortable performing before groups

  • They gain a sense of discipline and self-confidence

  • They learn coordination, balance and how to control their bodies in motion

  • They are active and getting exercise

  • They develop long and strong muscles from the practice of ballet

  • The skills learned in ballet are useful for other forms of dancing like Ballet Folklorico or modern/contemporary dance if they want to take that up later


Ballet Folklorico

Some of the unique benefits that the study of Ballet Folklorico offers are:

  • An immersion into Mexican traditions (Mestizo, Spanish, and African heritages are represented).

  • A wide range of dance styles, as each region has its own folklore and traditions as well as ways to represent them

  • A way to promote cultural pride

  • A way to proudly share Mexican heritage with the community



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