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ANMBF After School Program

Students enjoy a moment with one of our instructors at an after school program.

During ANMBF's after-school residencies and culture camps, children are offered lessons integrating movement, history, geography, and culture. Children learn about new subjects: Mexican history, geography, and dance in an out-of-school or after-school setting while experiencing teamwork, discipline, responsibility, self-expression and physical firmness. Last year, 800 children participated in these programs.



The invaluable benefits taught in these programs increase the likelihood that children and youth graduate from high school and become productive, self-sufficient residents of the community.




Children who attend the summer Culture Camp and after-school residencies benefit from the personalized attention and instruction of dance, theatre and art instructors. These programs have been very successful in enriching and exposing children not only to dance, but to other art forms such as theatre, music and an overall physical fitness focus.


Bring ANMBF to your School simply filling our Request Form and emailing it to us at


For further questions contact ANMBF at

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