2020-2021 ANMBF Performing Company

Dancer Auditions

June 14, 2020 | 11:30PM - 4:00PM | 4422 Live Oak St.

Want to join the premier folk dance ensemble in North Texas? Do you have what it takes to perform at the AT&T Performing Arts Center?

Come show us your talent and become one of our elite dancers!

Before Audition Day:

Any individuals interested in auditioning must have at least 2 years of previous dance experience (preferably ballet folklorico experience) either through the ANMBF Dance Academy or through another school/institution. Please note that if your training was through other schools/institutions you will be required to name them, when you were under their instruction, and how long you were under their instruction the day of your audition.

Applicants will be required to submit an audition form at least 15 minutes prior to their respective scheduled audition slot. Applicants may either fill out their audition forms on site, or print one out at home by clicking HERE and then submitting it the day of the audition. In addition to submitting an audition form, applicants will also be asked to submit a headshot not exceeding 8x10 in size. Headshots will not be returned back to the applicant after they are submitted. Please do NOT bring these documents before the audition day.

Audition Day:

Applicants will need to submit their audition forms and headshots at least 15 minutes before their respective scheduled audition slot.


Audition day activities will run from 2:30PM to 4:30PM. Applicants may begin arriving as early as 2:00PM. If you are late to the audition of your respective age group/dance style, you MAY NOT be allowed to audition. The schedule for the day of auditions is as follows​:​

  • 2:30 pm to 3:15 pm: folklorico dancers ages 13 to 17 (Juniors)

  • 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm: folklorico dancers ages 18 and up (Professionals)


For all folklorico dancers, the audition process will take place in a classroom setting in which the applicants will be placed in the classroom and an instructor will lead a typical rehearsal as the judges observe the applicants' ability to follow along, memorize sequences of steps, and perform sequences of steps. Applicants will also be judged on overall technique, stage presence, and demeanor. In addition to the aforementioned, dancers trained in styles other than ballet folklorico (e.g. ballet, modern, jazz, etc.) may be asked to perform a solo (not to exceed 1 minute). 


Family members/relatives will not be allowed in the classroom at any point; however, there will be a designated small viewing/waiting area if applicants wish to bring their family members/relatives along.


Females will need to wear a black leotard/ black bottoms and will need to have their hair in a bun. Males will need to wear black shorts or pants and white or black t-shirt. Preferably all applicants should wear black foot wear (folklorico shoes, jazz shoes, etc.) depending on which style of dance they will be auditioning for.

After Audition Day:

About a week after the audition, you will be contacted by an ANMBF Staff member with the results of your audition by both email and phone. The judges will place applicants in one of three categories of results depending on their skill level:

  • Applicant surpassed expectations set by the judges and will become a member of the ANMBF Performing Companies.

  • Applicant met some or most expectations set by the judges and will become a member of the ANMBF Performing Companies; however, the applicant will be required to take supplemental dance classes.

  • Applicant met few expectations set by the judges and judges will suggest taking classes at the ANMBF Dance Academy and will be encouraged to audition again next semester.

ANMBF Performing Company rehearsals will begin on January 14, 2020 for the Professional Company and January 15, 2020 for the Junior Performing Company. 

The final day of registration for ANMBF Dance Academy classes will be on February 22, 2020. Click HERE for more information.

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